Rug Repair & Restoration

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Proper rug repair and restoration of Oriental rugs is an art form that to learn takes many years of instruction, diligence and much effort. Our whole crew is determined to bring their master craftsmanship to customers in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland areas.
I teach all my rug repair and restoration technicians that we must respect totally the original artists, their work and their art. To duplicate their work, we must understand their techniques and be able to duplicate their craftsmanship. It takes 10 to 20 years for a repair person to become a master craftsman able to return worn rugs to their original condition.

Neglecting a worn area on rugs can make restoration at a later date more costly. In the long run using improper Oriental rug restoration techniques, unskilled workmanship and reliance on machines to do Oriental rug repairs may do more harm than good to your rug. If you cannot find a skilled repairer, you are better off to leave the rug alone. While we are proud of the preservation and restoration work that we do, we are also proud of all the rugs we sell. “We only do it once and we do it right.” We are happy to assist customers in their finding just the right piece for their needs, tastes and budget. We carry a large selection of Persian rugs that range from antique masterpieces to modern rugs in all sizes and price ranges.